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Moonstone has always been regarded as a mysterious and enticing gift from the moon deity to mankind. When the moon is full, wearing a moonstone will help you find your loved ones in the mythology. As a result, moonstone is known as "lover's stone," a symbol of friendship and love, and the ideal present for a loved one. 
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What is moonstone?

Moonstone is usually colorless to white, although it may also be light yellow, orange to light brown, blue-gray or green, transparent or translucent, with a special moonlight effect, hence the name. The moonstone is a serene and simple gemstone that glows with blue pulsating light, like a faint moonlight, and conveys infinite love to you. This is the moonstone of mystery, and you will most likely fall passionately in love with it.

Why is Moonstone so valuable?

The Indians regard the moonstone as a "sacred stone" as a commemorative gemstone on the thirteenth wedding anniversary. The Romans believed that the moonstone was formed from the essence of moonlight and that it could mirror the shadow of the moon deity Diana. The moonstone was thought to be a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, by the Greeks. Moonstone is still a revered emblem in modern India. The Indians name it "dream stones" because it is said to offer the wearer a wonderful fantasy at night.
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In some Arab countries, moonstone is still sewn into clothes as a fortunate stone of riches. Moonstone was frequently utilized in the creation of cute aesthetic jewelry by talented goldsmiths such as René Lalique from the end of the 19th century to the 20th century in Europe and the United States, notably during the Art Deco era. Some call it the "traveler's stone", believing that it may keep people safe at night. It is also employed as a symbol of "no tears" in some Asian countries. Wearing moonstones for a long period may enhance a girl's temperament from the inside out, giving her an exquisite demeanor and a peaceful attitude. At the same time, moonstone is the June birthstone, representing health, riches, and longevity.

Moonstone VS Crystal

Colorless crystals and moonstones are difficult to differentiate since they are both colorless and transparent, and their physical qualities are comparable. When the moonstones and crystals are put on the ring and the surface cleaning is inadequate, it is much more difficult to tell the difference.
However, the optical properties and internal characteristics of the crystal are quite different from those of moonstone, which may be utilized to identify them.

Maintenance of moonstone:

1. Avoid bumps
Moonstone is considered to be the most easily shattered gemstone. It's quite fragile. Although it has a Mohs hardness of 6, it also naturally has two sets of full cleavage, hence its durability is not very good. Therefore, when wearing moonstone jewelry on a daily basis, you must be careful, handle them with care, and avoid wearing jewelry with other gemstones at the same time to avoid a collision. After taking off the moonstone jewelry, try to locate a safer way to store the moonstone, ideally alone in a jewelry box, to safeguard the moonstone as much as possible.
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2. Avoid using chemicals.
Try to keep cosmetics and other chemicals away from the moonstone. If the moonstone has been tainted by chemicals, it is best to wipe it down and clean it as quickly as possible.
3. Avoid high temperatures and dry conditions.
Avoid storing moonstone jewelry in a high temperature environment for an extended period of time, as moonstone cannot be stored in a dry climate for an extended period of time.
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